Washing & Care Products Expo

In recent years, the personal care products market has undergone significant development marked by expanding consumption, diversified product categories, wider distribution channels, and broader market reach. This evolution reflects a shift towards diverse consumer preferences, including an emphasis on efficacy, health-consciousness, natural ingredients, and the embrace of domestic products. These emerging consumer concepts are driving continuous innovation and upgrading within the personal care products market.

To maintain and expand market share, personal care product companies must focus on enhancing product strength, fostering innovation, and building strong brand presence. The upcoming 6th Shanghai International Personal Care Products Exhibition (referred to as "PCE Personal Care Products Exhibition") in August 2024 will serve as a premier platform to showcase new products, cutting-edge technologies, innovative concepts, and emerging trends.
Simultaneously, the PCE Personal Care Products Exhibition · Guangzhou Station, scheduled for March 2025 at the Nanfung International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, will bring together industry players across the entire supply chain to showcase advancements and provide comprehensive procurement services.
Moreover, to support personal care product companies in expanding globally, overseas exhibitions will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Dubai, UAE, offering opportunities for market expansion and facilitating dual-circulation development between domestic and international markets.
This strategic approach underscores the industry's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and global growth, positioning personal care product companies for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.